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Guarding Your Business and Personal Information on Facebook

If you value your business, play it safe on Facebook. Here’s how to do it, pros and cons, dos and don’ts:

Several advantages, detailing why so many businesses use “Facebook Follow”, are listed below. As a business owner, you can:

1. Reach a large demographic of people, which lowers Marketing expenses;

2. Use a huge email list, given how pervasive the platform is;

3. Target certain audiences based upon what your business is tailored to;

4. Attract more people to the official website of that business in order to increase sales.

However, there are some disadvantages of businesses using “Facebook Follow”. Employees can compromise company cyber security given many people’s unfortunate tendency to:

1. List their personal email addresses and phone numbers;

2. Give more information to the general public about their personal experiences than should be divulged;

3. Give full names of family members, which hackers can use to exploit / steal personal identities.

All these tendencies expose the users, and subsequently business at large, to vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. Depending on what you disclose about your personal life via Facebook and other social media, it can even be enticing for hackers to drive by a user’s house to see if they can scan their routers within the local port and intercept feeds and connections. This is on the more extreme side, but still possible.

On that note, never underestimate the malice of hackers. Ragtag misfits recently logged their first cybersecurity death. A woman in Germany was turned away from a hospital because of hackers exploiting its VPN vulnerabilities. Exploiting these vulnerabilities, the hackers caused the hospital’s computers to shut down, preventing the woman from being admitted. Consequently, she died on the way to a different hospital. (This happened September 11th, of all dates.) The hospital did not apply patches, which allowed hackers to exploit this vulnerability in the VPN; they found the weakness. * Cyber attackers cause this kind of destruction, even resulting in death, simply to send a message that they mean business. They don’t care about the literal casualties. They see this loss of life as collateral damage, even a twisted badge of honor, boosting their sick bona fides.

Additionally, hackers can make a lot of money off hacked Facebook accounts, be it personal or corporate. Business Insider reports how “Facebook accounts are among the priciest stolen logins, possibly because they could be leveraged to gain broader access or trick other people into handing over information.” **

Essentially, Facebook can potentially enhance or harm your business, depending on how it’s used.



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