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Be prepared for upcoming cyberattacks in 2022

Ever-evolving cyber risks are sure to come this new year. If you’re in charge of hiring for your team or company, you need to consider whether you’re prepared and if your current employees have the skill set sure to be demanded of them. This is essential to meet the upcoming challenges brought on by inevitable cyberattacks.

There are four major cybersecurity attacks sure to affect all businesses and organizations in 2022. In-depth:

1. Cyber attackers will target software supply chain vendors.

With the ever-growing demands these vendors face, they’ll be prime targets for hackers who will launch specific attacks against the software these vendors use. Cybercriminals will be looking for even the smallest vulnerability to gain access to the networks and determine how much cause and consequence they can exploit.

2. Ransomware gains will look for any headline in which companies affected by ransomware attacks paid the ransom.

These headlines are literally advertisements to hackers. Attackers will use various extortion methods ranging from phishing attacks, Google searches on employees for personally identifiable information (PII), or any other method they can devise to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. Attackers will aim to hack healthcare firms, utility companies, and any organization within a critical infrastructure sector. Hackers will use every means at their disposal to learn what attack methods have already proven effective and will then use these same methods, only with more enhanced schemes to target companies.

3. Based on 2021 trends and the successful rates of those attacks, hackers will target hybrid work environments.

A hybrid work environment consists of unmanaged and unsecured devices that hackers will use to launch more sophisticated attacks. Hackers will use both corporate and personal (fake) email accounts of their own to disguise the attack scheme in the hopes of achieving more successful attacks against the organization.

4. Hackers will plan to attack small businesses or any organization that may employ very inexperienced cybersecurity personnel to gain larger success rates.

Businesses have been relying on inexperienced cybersecurity workers for years and haven’t changed. Due to the profitability of schemes used in the past, hackers will only focus on this weakness even more in 2022. It’s imperative for every business, regardless of size, to evaluate personnel’s skillset so the organization can be properly prepared against this arsenal of attacks. Each organization must be prepared. Otherwise, they will have to pay the price when they're attacked.

To overcome these obstacles, every organization should evaluate their budgets, including constraints, for 2022, as well as evaluate personnel cybersecurity skillsets. If these evaluations haven’t been a priority, they should be. Any company would benefit from hiring an independent third-party auditor that employs those with the necessary skillset to come in and evaluate its status.

Hiring an outside company may seem expensive, but given the current cybersecurity climate, the choice is pay now or pay later. An organization must be ready to take the necessary steps and educate the stakeholders on the importance of this approach. It’s vital to protect the data the organization stores on behalf of its clients. Clients expect this, and they deserve it. Someone will win, and someone will lose. It’s the organization’s choice whether they or the hacker will prevail.

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