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Pentagon Releases CMMC Cybersecurity Standard

FEB. 3, 2020 -- The Dept. of Defense has formally released CMMC Model Version 1.0, a sweeping cybersecurity certification program impacting contractors and subcontractors across the Defense Industrial Base. CMMC requirements should begin appearing in DoD RFI's as early as June of this year. Everyone doing business with the DoD is now on notice to prepare for CMMC certification.

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Paige Needling Delivers Keynote Address

OCT. 30, 2019 -- Paige Needling, CEO of Needling Worldwide, will deliver the keynote address at the Southern California Quality Conference on Nov. 2. She'll tackle the challenges of becoming cyber resilient in a talk titled: "This is War! Security and Compliance Take on Cyber Risk."

Needling Worldwide Launches New Web Site

JUNE 1, 2019 -- Needling Worldwide has launched its brand new web site to reflect the company's rising profile and business growth in the information security market.